Refrigerator Canyon Detail, Zion National Park

Refrigerator Canyon Detail, Zion National Park

This is one from the archives, from my last trip to Zion National Park back in 2011. Although that trip was ostensibly a trip for the sake of photography, my friends and I took one afternoon to just enjoy the hike up Angel's Landing. The hike up to the top involves a very narrow path with unsurvivable drops on either side, so bringing along a lot of camera gear was a decidely low priority. If I recall correctly, my D90 and 18-200mm zoom were all that came along. Being mid-day I also didn't expect to miss out on much photographically. One area that I found surprisingly photogenic was the area called refrigerator canyon, which lies to the west of Angel's Landing. The trail passes through the canyon along the way.

This photo was made on the way back down from the summit. It's not obvious what the scale or orientation of it is, nor is it important. It was notable to me for its rolling, wavy, eroded shape and, like nearly everything in Zion, for its color. This photo sat neglected for years, but jumped out at me again more once I started working with it in Lightroom. It reminds me how much I'd like to get back to Zion again.

Nikon D90 | Nikon 50mm 18-200mm VR | f/11 | 1/60s | ISO 320

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